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What Is Roof Coating?

Roof coating is exactly as it sounds- providing your roof with a layer of protection to help keep it in good shape, and help to better insulate your home.

Having a well-maintained roof is essential, even if you don’t think it’s necessary. However, not all shelters have to collapse to indicate a malfunction ultimately.

Weather, pollution, and sunlight all take a toll on roofs; meaning they are particularly vulnerable. As the seasons change, you must keep up with them. You always put on your jacket or change your car’s tires; or sweep the street; on the other hand, roofs don’t always get the protection they need to build a robust defense system.

Your roof will disintegrate if you don’t apply the proper coatings. They’ll also significantly impact how well your house or building works. As a result, you may see an increase in your utility bill.

Coating your roof frequently necessitates fixing, patching, and then coating it. The goal of the roof coating service is to repair and waterproof your roof so that it can withstand adverse weather conditions. The lifespan of your roof can be extended by making use of roofers that coat roofs in AZ.


A wide range of variables must be considered when estimating the price of a roof coating installation. Your location, the size of your roof, the formula you use, and the number of services required all factor into the price of your roof coatings.

The cost of the materials alone can range in cost anywhere from $0.90 to $2.00 per square foot. It is also worth noting that the pitch of your roof is an additional factor in the total cost. Both flat and sloped roofs are considered when estimating the cost of additional roof coatings. It’s common for these costs to rise. Flat, pitched, or sloping roofs are found on most structures.

Common Types of Roof Coatings

There are three types of common roof coatings for roof coating maintenance and restoration. Among them are silicone, elastomeric, and acrylic. Many building owners and residents prefer not to spend a fortune on a new roof and instead opt for a coating. Before deciding on a roof coating, make sure you have done your research well on the roof coatings available. The location and slope of your roof should be examined as part of a routine roof inspection. Besides that, it should be checked for chemical and UV ray exposures. To help you decide on your ideal roof coating material, listed below are some of the coatings on the market.


Acrylic roof coatings are an excellent solution for people in several climates. Water-based acrylic is a good match for most home roof types. Its key selling point is the fantastic value it offers in terms of price/quality. Acrylic roof coatings’ ease of application and high reflectivity are also popular selling points. A significant percentage of people find this to be a compelling selling point. On the other hand, acrylic will degrade after long exposure to the weather. Roof coating specialists in AZ say that acrylic roof coatings are appropriate for hot, dry climates with an average annual temperature of at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit.


Some folks find that they don’t need to use a primer while applying silicone. However, roof coatings that are applied using a silicone formula have a substantially longer life expectancy than other coatings, with almost no degradation. In places with a lot of rain, roof coating experts often recommend silicone roof coatings. Rain and water may quickly wash the roof system clean, on the other hand, whereas silicone compounds retain dirt and dust. The roof’s ability to reflect light may deteriorate more quickly due to this. Furthermore, because silicone is difficult to cling to, a special type of silicone recommended by roof coating experts in AZ must be used when recoating a roof.


Roof coatings formulated with an elastic polymer resist a wide range of weather conditions. This type of coating is typically less expensive than other types. Unlike silicone, this mixture does not keep its color in the sun for as long. Elastomeric is often used as a foundation coat or on steeply pitched roofs. When elastomeric is layered on another coating, it becomes exceedingly resistant. On the other side, elastomeric roof coatings tend to have a more pungent odor than different varieties.

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It is possible to increase the life of your roof by applying a roof coating to it. Moisture and other elements can be kept out of your roof by having it recoated every few years.

To cut back on costs, you may handle minor repairs on the roof. In the case of significant roof work, such as applying a considerable amount of roof coating, you should hire a roofing expert.

Protect your roof from wind, water, and animals with a well-maintained gutter system. Ideally, you should hire a professional who has done this type of service before. Working on a steep or sloped roof is also dangerous, another good reason to seek out expert help. Call Aspire Contracting today to get started.


Benefits of roof coatings cal include:

    • Extends to life of your roof.
    • Protects your roof from harsh weather conditions.
    • Prevents leaks.
    • Keeps your home cooler.
    • Lowers energy costs.


Here are a few maintenance practices you need to observe for your roof coating:

    • Remove any leaves, twigs, paper, or other debris from the roof to avoid clogging the drain.
    • Protected parts on the roof are more vulnerable to harm from regular foot traffic, hence limiting the number of people who walk on it. Avoid operating on rooftop equipment to protect the roof membrane.
    • Fluids, such as petroleum chemicals and solvents, can wreak havoc on coating membranes. Kitchen waste and animal fat as well are examples of grease that is used to lubricate roof-mounted equipment. These contaminants cause the system to swell and degrade if spills are not cleaned promptly.
    • You should not pierce the system. To avoid damaging the membrane, rooftop equipment, such as HVAC units or antennas, must be protected from tools, impact, and abrasion. When putting metal doors, lids, pans, and other sharp objects into the system, it is imperative to use caution.
    • If a piece of equipment is heavy or the system is malfunctioning, moving it on rooftops could be dangerous. Plywood should be used to cover the equipment before moving it.


If you are after roofers that coat roofs in AZ, including but not limited to roof coatings, roof repairs, and exterior painting, the roofing professionals have years of experience.

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